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The Training Loft

A personal training boutique studio offering a specialized fitness experience tailored to individual goals & needs. We focus on helping our clients create & maintain a healthier lifestyle through exercise & mindful nutrition.

Our certified training team is dedicated to providing a plan, motivation & accountability to our clients.



Personal Trainer, Founder

Experience: Jackie has always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. She loved physical fitness competitions in school and stayed active by participating in softball, cheerleading, and dance growing up. Her brother, Mark, has been a big influence in guiding her into her health and wellness career path.  Jackie has taught a variety of classes including kickboxing, fat burn pilates, spin, barre, strength training, Bosu bootcamps, TRX, and POUND. Additionally, Jackie designed a class named F.I.T. Factor (Functional Interval Training) which is a HIIT training class. Jackie also has extensive experience in personal training and even managed the small group training and group exercise departments at Crunch.


Education: Along with a Business Associate Degree, Jackie is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and a NASM Certified Strength and Flexibility Coach.

Favorite Fitness Activity:  Call her crazy, but Jackie loves to plank!


Motivation: "Seeing my clients achieve their best selves inside and out is the only motivation I need."


Fun Fact: Jackie once won a county-wide pull-up contest!

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