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Introducing SUP Fitness!

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Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has been trending and become very popular over the past few years. Our head trainer, Jackie, participated in a SUP yoga class a few times over the past two years and loved it. "I felt great physically from the new type of workout I did but, more so, I felt so calmed mentally" said Jackie. "There was something about being out on the water, listening to nature, and not having any distractions (phone!) while challenging my body to a different surface and atmosphere for exercise." From there, Jackie knew she wanted to invest in a paddleboard and venture into her tying own type of workout.

SUP workouts have some amazing benefits. This is, hands down, a killer core workout! Standing upright or sitting on the board requires core stability and improves balance. Almost every muscle in the body is used at some point during paddleboarding. Leg muscles work hard at attempting to stabilize your center of gravity. Your arms, back, and shoulders are used to move the board across the water. Your core, back, and abdominal muscles are constantly at work maintaining balance. SUP is also a low impact form of exercise, meaning it is unlikely to injure your joints. Anything you do during SUP uses your own body weight.

Another great benefit of SUP is that it is a stress reliever. Becoming one with nature while practicing SUP has a calming impact on the body. Stress is an enemy for good health and wellness, so anything that can be done, especially something fun, is worthwhile!

If SUP has your interest peaked, and you want to try something different for a mind-body workout, contact The Training Loft for a one-on-one session or semi-private session. All fitness levels welcomed as anyone can try!

Let’s go make a splash!

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