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Battling the "Quarantine Fifteen"

As we enter our second month of social distancing, let’s reflect on where we stand from a wellness standpoint. 

Are you eating healthy and staying committed to exercising? Or are you eating and snacking to comfort your emotions?  Many people have reached out to us because they are struggling with nutrition and gaining weight during this period of social distancing. If this sounds like’s OK! 

Yes, it's ok to have setbacks. It's ok to comfort fears and anxiety with a snack. We're all human and we don't need to be perfect, especially during this time; we just have to do our best. We can’t let the fallout of the pandemic derail our progress and commitment to wellness. It's time to get our bodies back to "normal."

We challenge you to set an attainable goal for May. Do you want to feel better? Have more energy? Lose a few pounds? Get back into an exercise routine? Let’s make your plan and put it into action.  Email us at to get in touch with one of our trainers and create a custom exercise or nutrition plan. In the meantime enroll in one of our virtual memberships and check out what's new at The Training Loft in May.

Remember we are all in this together; stay strong!

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