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We All Struggle

Yes, I struggle......

but you will never see me quit!

We all struggle to some extent; some big, some small. To struggle is defined as to contend with an opposing force. This could come from internal sources and/or external sources.

Some of us are afraid to admit a struggle and see it as weakness. In fact, the opposite is true. Struggle is necessary for STRENGTH. We learn from it, we face it and we grow. If we don’t face our struggles, nothing changes. Procrastination adds pressure. Every obstacle in life is a lesson.

This year, especially, has given us all so many struggles to deal with. This is a time where most of us have reset priorities in our lives. We have spent much of our time with our families and have looked out for each other. This, I believe, has been a silver lining. However, it is also so important for us to see the necessity for self-care and self-love now more than ever.

Don’t let your struggles allow you to lose sight of love, joy and success. By facing your struggles, you can stop them from having power over you. ❤️

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